Product Overview


What is GAP?

You may be surprised to learn that the value your primary insurance company places on your vehicle, may be substantially less than the amount you actually owe. The result is a financial "gap" and YOU must make up the difference, if your new vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

CSCI provides administrative services for an array of financial products. 

SECURITY: You can ease the financial burden associated with the loss of the vehicle.
PROTECTION: Your credit rating and value of your vehicle are protected.
STABILITY: You are assured a positive financial transition when it is needed most.
PEACE OF MIND: Your worries about further financial loss are minimized.


Your loan payoff:                                       $16,000.00   
Actual cash value of your vehicle:      $13,000.00
Your deductible:                                        $500.00 
Your primary insurance settlement:  $12,500.00
Potential out-of-pocket:                          $3,500.00 

GAP PAYS:                                                   $3,500.00 
YOU OWE:                                                    $0,000.00

Dealer Owned Warranty Corporation

CSCI offers dealer owned warranty programs to help maximize profits while providing its customers with added value at the time of their vehicle purchase.  These tax favorable turnkey programs are setup and administrated by CSCI.