Agent FAQs

Do you have insurance department approval? 

CSCI has all the required department approvals in the states which we are

writing in.

Do you have lender approvals?

CSCI maintains a current national lender approval list and will work to obtain additional regional approvals upon an agents request.

CSCI takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients to provide the best solutions that exceed expectations. 

Who and how strong is the insurance backing?

All CSCI carriers carry and maintain the best ratings in the industry.

Do you have reinsurance available?

Yes. Please use the Contact Us page to request more information.

How long has CSCI been in business?

CSCI has been in business since 2002 with its parent company since 1986.

Do you have any references?
CSCI maintains references from carriers, agents and dealers.

Is an insurance policy issued to the dealer?

Yes. Pricing may vary depending on carrier.

Master Policies and Contractual Liability Policies are issued in the name of the insured dealer.

Do you cover new and used vehicles?

Who are the premium checks made out to?

All premium checks for GAP should be made out to the carrier.

Master Policies and Contractual Liability Policies are issued in the name of the insured dealer.

Who issues the privacy notice?

Do you have E&O insurance?

Yes. We carry an E&O policy of $2,000,000.

Who pays the GAP claims?

Claims are paid by either CSCI through our offices in Kalamazoo, Michigan or in some cases, by the carrier.

How long does it take for claims to get paid?

Claims are normally paid within 15 business days of CSCI receiving a completed claim file.

How are claims filed?

Claims may be mailed to CSCI at PO Box 19340, Kalamazoo, MI 49019. It is helpful to have the customer call the claims department (888) 640-0387 to initiate. 

What happens if a claim is filed with missing or incorrect information?

When a claim is filed with missing or incorrect information, a letter is sent to the customer stating what information is missing.

Can a claim denial be overridden?

Claim denials may be overridden at the carrier's discretion.

When does the business have to be sent to CSCI?

CSCI keeps its books open until the last day of the month. All business received by that date will be credited to that month's business. Any business received after the last day of the month will be credited towards the following month's business. Carrier procedures may dictate a different end date from time to time.

How do we cancel a GAP certificate?

GAP certificates may be cancelled by completing the GAP Cancellation Form. This form may be faxed or mailed to CSCI. Dealers may also obtain a cancellation quote by calling the CSCI offices.

Does the dealer net out their cancellations?

Yes. Dealers net out their cancellations when remitting the next month's business. If the dealer chooses not to net out, they may request a monthly check to be sent.

When and how do the dealer's get their monthly statement?

Statements are mailed out to the dealer by the 25th of the month following when the business was remitted. If the statement shows a negative balance, the dealer needs to remit the extra money with their next remittance. If the balance is positive, the dealer can remit the next month's business net of the balance.

When and how does the agent get their commission checks and statements?

Commission statements and checks are sent to the agents by the 20th of the month following when the business was remitted. Commission statements are also available through the CSCI REPORTING PORTAL.

When and how do you raise rates?

All rate increases will be given to the agents not less than thirty (30) days prior to the inception of the new pricing except in the case of state regulatory matters or prior insurance carrier agreements.

Do you cancel agents and/or dealers? How and when?

Agents and dealers may be cancelled per the conditions set forth in their agreements.

How do you collect cancellations from the inactive dealers?

Per the dealer agreement, a portion of the unearned income on all outstanding business may be held in reserve to cover any portion of cancellation liability.

How do you collect cancellations from the inactive agents?

As part of the Agency Agreement, the agent is given a choice as to how the chargeback fees will be paid.